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Civil Engineering

Working towards realizing a brighter society for all

In recent years, the deterioration of social capital and destruction of civil engineering structures by the heavy rainfall accompanying climate change have become prominent features of modern society. In order to address these issues, there are numerous challenges that must be overcome and various safety measures that must be considered. Against this backdrop, it is our mission to provide civil engineering structures of the highest quality.

Our civil engineering department handles various forms of construction such as general civil engineering, railway engineering, concrete maintenance and repair and propulsion engineering. By introducing new technologies while harnessing existing ones, we work to achieve a brighter society for all and stay committed to improving our skills and increasing our fields of activity.

Types of civil engineering

General civil engineering

  • イメージ Land improvement and consolidation
  • イメージ Bridge substructures

Structural repair engineering

  • イメージ Tunnel flaking prevention
  • イメージ Bridge column aseismic reinforcement
  • イメージ Concrete structure repair
  • イメージ Movable platform reinforcement

Shield/propulsion engineering

  • イメージ Sludge-based jacking device
  • イメージ Shield Φ2940

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