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With our original research and development and patented technology, we provide a variety of Kiyota Railway Crossing Structures and work to improve upon these day in and day out. From railway crossing planning and design to their production, sale and construction we deliver a total service package.

  • Elastic crossing structure
    (KG type・KF type)
  • Rigid crossing structure


【Elastic crossing structure】

A new crossing with quick, easy attachment and removal

A crossing with a curved, slab structure composed primarily out of rubber or rubber chips


【Rigid crossing structure】

A long-selling crossing delivering
a strong,stable structure

A crossing with a non-slab, directly-attached structure composed primarily of reinforced concrete blocks

  • KP type(Standard type)

  • KR type(Reinforced type)

  • KQ type(Acute curve type)

  • KT type(Turnout type)

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